If you have ever been at our ranch in Zimbabwe and took the opportunity in making your own opinion of the beauty and the variety of this country you will agree, that its unique resources make the stay to an unforgettable experience. However, a short holiday does not display to the necessity of urgent structural arrangements there.

One of the most important actions to implement is the improvement of education. This is my total conviction, as in the children of today lies the hope of tomorrow for this country. That's why I started the project "Woodend School" close to Shangani, and I invite everybody who shares my opinion to go along with me. For you it might be a small amount, but for the inhabitants it means a huge step ahead!


project Woodend School

Unbelievable: To enable the construction of a school, good enough to resist rain, we don't need more that 20.00,00 USD. This means:


USD 50,- correlate 20 cementbags, or

USD 100,- 2 paletts of bricks, or

USD 150,- 4 rafters ... 

Project Woodend - More informations
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Thank you

for your support!

Donations account:

Michaela Funder PSK AT726000 0101 1006 9168 

With pleasure I will answer all your questions. I also will inform about the project status continuously on our Facebook page "Woodendschool". Please don't hesitate to ask if you want to know more details.

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