Camp Fee

Whether you want to explore wild animals, take unique pictures or just enjoy vacations close to nature – our camp is open for hunters and for everybody interested in guided tours in one of the most spectacular regions. 

Non hunting observer: 300 USD per day

Hunting Fee

Please take prices for trophies from chart below.

Safari Species available days Rate/day
Sable Hunt Sable and plainsgame 12 1.200 USD
Leopard Hunt Leopard and plainsgame 15 1.400 USD
Elephant Bull Hunt Elephant Bull and plainsgame 14 1.400 USD
Elephant, Leopard Hunt Elephant, Leopard, plainsgame 14 1.550 USD
Elephant, Sable Hunt Elephant, Sable, plainsgame 14 1.500 USD
Leopard, Sable Hunt Leopard, Sable, plainsgame 14 1.400 USD
Plainsgame Hunt Plainsgame in general min. 7 650 USD

Trophy available

Sable: 6.500 USD

Tsessebe: 2.800 USD

Klippspringer: 1.450 USD

Waterbuck: 2.400 USD

Jackal: 500 USD

Leopard: 7.500 USD

Reedbuck: 850 USD

Steenbuck: 700 USD

Caracal: 500 USD

Serval: 550 USD

Wildebeest: 1.200 USD

Duiker: 500 USD

Hyena: 950 USD

Elephant: up to

up to 50 pds 14.000 USD

< 50 pds 15.000 USD

Kudu: 2.200 USD

Impala: 450 USD

Warthog: 600 USD

Civet: 300 USD

Giraffe: 2.600 USD

Zebra: 1.400 USD

Bushpig: 650 USD

Eland: 2.400 USD

Genet: 500 USD

All of our hunting safaris are tailor-made, so the exact calculation depends on your wishes and is done best in an personal conversation. Your trophies will be expertly handled and preserved in the camp. We will arrange the packing and the export of your trophies with a professional shipping agent. Dipping and packing of Trophies 700,00 US $

fees shanghanihunting as at 2023
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