The beginning of all

After several trips to Africa I was convinced: this country will be my second homeland. Within short time I made my decision for this amiable area close to Shangani River in the mountains of Zimbabwe. 

Michaela Funder


Hunting pays an essential contribution to wildlife conservation in general. Hunters are from the bottom of their hearts conservationists, and so am I, and this is also the philosophy South Shangani is organized. According to the yearly game counts a sustainable hunting quota is been evaluated and discussed at an annual meeting with the local authority of National Parks. The involvement of local communities is another important aspect in successful conservation attracting the leadership to the value of wildlife and the benefits generated through. Shanganihunting is paying a certain percentage of through hunting  generated income to as well as promoting the communities with game meat. Naturally people feel involved and more responsible for the source of benefit and ideally start protecting and supporting wildlife and nature.

Come, see and get involved !

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