The vision of Shangani Hunting was born with a hunting trip to Zimbabwe in early 2000. 2005 I finally discovered the farm - and was fascinated. Even if there was nothing more than a petrol lamp and a watertub, I became deeply absorbed in the project. Step by step the camp grew: Solar collector and water system provided us with the necessities of modern life. Today Shangani Hunting meets all demands.

Owing to a lack of trained staff and uncontrolled poaching there was nearly no wildlife stock in the Shangani district. Within the last 10 years the efforts for a balanced nature paid off. Today, we can point to a matchless population of plainsgame, and what is more, together with the game also leopards and hyena settled again. Awesome to catch sight of the one or another predator even by day. Let me invite you to make your own experiences!

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